Story Transcript

Roxanne: Hi there, my name is Roxanne and I run a small online business that I specially created for cartoon creators and YouTubers out there where they could literally or basically find everything that they need in order for their videos to pop and for their photos to pop under one roof.

And every since I installed this app, it has changed my, it's not changed my life only but it's also changed, it's boosted my sales because on check-out or, just on check-out people randomly was looking online and then they see like this little pop up here at the bottom.

Like, "oh, yeah, I need that. Let me click on that. I need to buy that as well." So it has boosted my sales as well and I just really want to thank you guys for such an awesome experience, such as awesome service.

And yes, I would definitely recommend it to any online business because it just, the turnaround and everything, it just boosts your sales and bring in more money. So thank you guys for an awesome app.

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