Story Transcript

Rudy: Hi guys, my name is Rudy, and I'm new to the whole Shopify game, the whole e-commerce thing, I just started after watching a bunch of YouTube videos, I just created my first website January 1st, grinded a bunch of hours, made it look pretty, I drive Facebook ads, drive traffic to my website, the first week without Sales Pop, I was getting that traffic but I wasn't seeing any conversions.I believe I made one purchase that whole week.I was getting that traffic, that was making me really excited, but after realizing that we're trying to make money, I started looking for apps and I found Sales Pop, and oh my God, I downloaded it, and there's another app where you can track what customers do on your thing, and Sales Pop made my website.It gave it credibility, it gave it, gave customers that urgency to check out, and this is my second week in on the website running ads, same amount, very very very low budget, and I've made like $1,500 in sales. You know, just from downloading this app.It's amazing, not only does it pop up, like this person bought this from this place, it also says, like this person added this to their cart, and this is driving that urgency for the customer.Highly recommend it, add it to your store, you don't like it, you'll just delete it, but it's gonna make you money, so just get it. Yeah, so that's my put on this app.

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