Story Transcript

Saif: Okay, hello there. My name is Saif Sahir, I have a Shopify account. A store called Let's Bop. And before I used Sales Pop may sales was, it was all right. It wasn't that good and it wasn't that bad. It was in-between and I really want to boost my sales.Anyways, I was looking online for a solution for my problem and I found Sales Pop and it was an app that (foreign language) you can just download on your Shopify account. And I did it and it really helped. It boosted my sales like amazing.I think because the shoppers felt more secure doing what they're doing and buying what they're buying. And it really made me happy that the sales were up because I was making money obviously. And it's a really good app. So keep it up. And, thank you for the opportunity.

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