Story Transcript

Sanjula: Hello guys, I'm Sanjula. I have an eCommerce Shopify website. I want to share my experience with the Replay Live Session Recording App. It's a great app, I have ever see. The app exactly does the job that they say.

Also, when I'm running Facebook adds it's a major issue I want to know the visitors that see my site, but I can't because they don't do it.

So I implement Google and Reddit to get the detailed report about it, but it's not accurate as I think, because it shows the average session duration of my customers as zero.

So I have no way to do it, then I searched about some information, but after I saw this app I got accurate replays of what customers are doing in my shop.

Now I have a better understand about what to inflow into my site, with the help of Replay Live Session Recording app this is a really really great app. Try it in your store today.

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