Story Transcript

Santino: Hi, I'm San from London and I run an eCommerce store.

Before I got the app I was getting loads and loads of visitors but not really many conversions, and then since I got the app it's just made, it's so much easier to research my audience and see why they are not purchasing off our website and also since we've had them, our return customer rate has gone through the roof along with our conversion percentage.

I think the aftermath of working with them really just, it's the best research you can do getting traffic to your website and seeing exactly why your customers aren't buying from you and you can watch it from their screen essentially and see what's annoying them.

How can you change that and do all sorts of things like that, so you can make your site simple, easy to use, and just optimize your conversions and turn those many, many, many visitors who aren't buying from you into customers who will buy from you over, over, and over again, so yeah, I can't imagine going back to a time when I didn't have this app Cart Kit, 'cause it was amazing.

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