Story Transcript

Sari: CartKit has been really useful in terms of understanding what users are doing on the website.

That way I can change the layout and also change the design such that people are actually going to the shopping area to the gallery so places that we want the customers to be in we can rearrange the website, such that people go through that funnel.

I think another thing that's really useful is seeing the fast street plate of the heat maps. So basically seeing where customers are clicking, such that we understand what they're interested in and seeing what the behavior is like. So we can kind of refocus the website towards that area.

So if a customer is interested in a certain product, then we can increase the priority of that product in the website and increase the amount of people looking at it because that product was in demand. So the heat maps as well as the video replay features were really useful.

It's also really nice to see the platform and the device that the user was viewing the website on because we can see that it varies between the device and it's very platform specific as well. So someone viewing on Safari is different than someone viewing on Chrome.

So we can kind of see what works best for each type of customer and see you where most of our customers are coming from.

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