Story Transcript

Scott: Hi, my name is Scott Herbst. I'm from Omaha, Nebraska. And I've been a user of Better Replay for a little bit now. And it has completely transformed my Shopify store and my Shopify experience. Before I was getting a ton of traffic on to my website via my ads, but my conversion rate was abysmal.

I didn't know why particular customers weren't buying from me. So I downloaded this app, and I did some online research to see how I can boost my conversion rate. And it just allowed me to see what pages my customers were going to. What products they were gravitating towards.

What products they weren't. What pages they we're gravitating towards for that matter. It just allowed me to use my time a lot more efficiently to optimize those pages that were steering my customers away. And to make better those pages and products that my customers were actually gravitating to.

Ultimately ending with me getting more sales and just a better online Shopify experience. So thank you Better Replay. You're absolutely killing it. Keep up the good work! Thanks.

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