Story Transcript

Sean: Hi guys, my name is Sean and I'm from Singapore. I just don't Shopify not too long ago, just roughly about two months, and I ran many advertisements to bring traffic to the store and a big problem I faced was many drop offs.

So my customers were just falling off my funnels and I just did not really know why.

There might have been Facebook pixels, there might have been an OLED display, there was just not enough for me to understand my customers behavior and debts were better related in finding this app was absolutely amazing. I might have had some issues at the beginning with better replay.

It's probably due to multiple stores being run on the same computer but customer support kicks in really fast. Within one or two days, they emailed me and helped me solve my problems.

And not only that, they also provide me assistance in the case of further occurrence of the same issue and it was perfect. I no longer face any problems with better replay. I think it's absolutely user friendly, and I recommend you do the same today.

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