Story Transcript

Seth: Hi guys, just thought I'd come on here to explain my experience with Sales Pop by CartKit, the Shopify app. It is a great app, it's worked very well for me. What it basically does is, tells customers when they visit your store, people who have recently bought from your shop and where they're from.

For example, it could be this person has recently bought this product. They're from Birmingham, Manchester. Even other countries come up saying, "this person's bought this" from Madrid, any country basically. Before I had the app, my conversion rate was around 0.5% very low, very low.

I wasn't paying (mumbles) at all. I got the app and it jumped up almost straight away, (mumbles) at 2% and higher, which is great. I definitely recommend the app, it's been very good for me, very helpful.

Immediately builds that trust with the customer that you need for them to make the purchase and increase your conversion rates. I would definitely go and get that right now. Thank you.

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