Story Transcript

Shari: Hi. My name is Shari. I'm from Brooklyn, New York. I am new with Shopify. I actually just launched my online store back in March.

And, you know, I really wasn't sure what apps I would need, but I did have a very important question that I wanted to have answered amongst, you know, visitors to my store, and it's what is your experience like? You know? Things that you probably won't get on a firsthand basis or without asking for that information.

I came across Better replay, and it was so helpful, because I was wondering, okay, why am I getting all of these visitors, yet they're not converting to sales? So, I was interested to see like where are they getting hung up? Thank goodness I found Better Replay, because I was able to see some very, very minute, but present, mistakes and was able to fix them, and then, low and behold, everything worked out.

I highly recommend Better Replay. I feel that what other way would we know if there were any issues upon arriving to the page, loading of pictures, things like that? You know? So, I really do highly recommend it. It's been a life saver for my business, and I hope that it's the same for you, too.


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