Story Transcript

Shishir: Hey everyone, my name is Shishir Desai, I'm from North Carolina. And I got Sales Pop after watching a YouTube video on how to create a Shopify store.And at first I was a little bit skeptical about it, but after looking at the app, looking through some of the reviews, you know, I was just like why not, it's a free app. So I decided to check it out.The userface is just super simple, super easy to use, not confusing at all, it took two minutes to add it to my store and set it up. It's also a great app and I would have never thought about including it in my store.And it's something that does drive up sales because it creates that urgency, because it creates the idea that hey, if one person's buying this then I should buy it, too.It's really just been a fantastic product to have in my store, and I recommend it to everyone out there who has a Shopify store or any other type of online store. Thanks, hope your store goes great.

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