Story Transcript

Shivam: Hello. My name is Shivam Parikh and I am the founder and owner of Spice Village in Germany. We supply Indian and Asian groceries all across Germany and Europe. We've been using consistent carts for the last few months and we are very happy with the results that have been provided.The final and everything has been very very easy and self-explanatory. It's been The support has also been really really good. Whenever we've had a problem they've replied back in a few hours.Even on weekends which is very good especially since a lot of us work on weekends as well and all these apps we get tired, use it more on weekends. We've had a very high success rate with consistent cart.A lot, a lot, a lot of carts are recovered automatically without us putting in a lot of extra work or a lot of extra effort. Even the metrics and the conversion rates are very simplified for, even me and my entire team to understand and to take action.The rest of the features are also really great and for the price they are providing a very very good automated service and I will definitely stick to consistent cart and continue with consistent cart for a long time.

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