Story Transcript

Shreyas: Hey guys, my name is Shreyas and as you know, I have been using Better Reply for many of the things. When it comes to Shopify, I guess this is the major thing that we actually used.

This is the best thing ever that I've actually used in the sense that you can actually know what people are looking for and what people want, and you can actually customize whatever you need. And then, you know, you get to know each and every thing and what customer is looking for.

Maybe he's just checking out the product maybe because, you know, he just wanted to take random, you know, here and there to the store, I guess just the best thing. 'Cause you get to see the screen record. So then you can understand what's the customer looking for.

And I guess this is the best thing ever. And it's also free and free is like unlimited. Like you can, you know, you can get another location. It has a tax, whether he has coming a new person or he has added the cart and everything. This is really good. The UI is really clean.

You get to see the recording even better that know any errors in between, because even though it's free, there's no errors. So I guess this is the best option for all the Shopify owners to have it.

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