Story Transcript

Stefano: Hi, my name is Stefano Shaffra. I'm from Miami (mumbles) living in Argentina. I've started a business on Shopify and a friend told me about this app, which I downloaded it works really, really, really well.

What really helped me was that I've been going on, I've been running ads and so I checked out, the replay app.

And once I checked the replay out replay app out and started using it, I realized that I had a big problem in my reviews and my cart which was I realized what customers were doing on my page and why they will leave and not purchase.

So after getting replay, I quickly realized like what was the big problem, and I quickly fixed it and started getting more sales and more people coming into my page, which really helped me out a lot. And it's making me more profit. So this app is really useful.

I'd recommend it to anyone in this business and yeah that's pretty much it. Thank you.

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