Story Transcript

Subhash: Hello, my name is Subhash. I'm from Bahrain. I was working with Shopify for quite sometime, and I just came to know about this application, Better Replay. And I was using some other apps but I wasn't so happy.

So I just installed and went through it, used it for a few times and previously I had some issues that I was running at with this month's but I don't get enough checkout so when I was checking the videos using this application I came to know that there was some settings I have to change, so I did.

I mean, I thank you guys that I came to know what was the real issue and I got it fixed. So now I'm getting more sales than what I got before. So I really wanna thank you guys, I will continue to use this application. I think this is one of the best, thank you. Thank you so much.

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