Story Transcript

Tasha: Consistent Cart has made it so easy for me to recover abandoned carts. Before using Consistent Cart, I was using Mailchimp. And I tried setting up emails, and it was pretty difficult to use their platform and set it all up. And Consistent Cart's template has made it so much easier.It's nice that it autofills, and then all you have to do is change your company name, and just put in a little more detail, whereas Mailchimp kind of required you to build the entire thing out. So I'll admit it's super easy.Before using Consistent Cart, I was probably converting about 5%, and now I'm converting, probably a little more than 10. Which is such an improvement.I was using it on a previous store, and I closed that store down, but now with this store, I'm really excited to look for it, to use it, and I currently am using the email method, but I'm looking forward to doing the push notifications as well, and seeing how that works for in business.Because you all made it so easy to do email, and I'm sure the push method will work just as well.

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