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Terry: Hi, my name's Terry. I'm from Ireland. I run a clothing line called D'Arcy Apparel Co. It's kind of a streetwear clothing brand. I'm wearing one of the T-shirts now, I'll show you. That's one from Season 2 that is releasing on the 15th July, summer.

I just wanna talk to you guys about Sales Pop and how it's improved my experience with Shopify. So I think one of the biggest problems with starting a new Shopify store is legitimacy and people kinda trusting your store. And also, getting people on your store to start with.

But that is a big problem.

You know, if somebody sees it's a new shop that they've never been on before, how do they know that it's legitimate and these are real items, that you're not just gonna steal their money, right? So what Sales Pop does is it displays to the users real sales that have gone through your site.

So all the orders I've gotten in the past, they will kind of display one by one, shuffled on the screen, just so people can see that sales have happened, what products they've purchased and where those customers are from. So I believe that is one of the keys to my success on Shopify so far.

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