Story Transcript

Thu: Hello, my name is Josh. I am from Southern California and I just wanted to share my experience with Consistent Cart. I was dealing with a lot of add to carts and abandoning carts, and so I was trying to find an app to really help convert those into sales.I stumbled upon Consistent Cart and it's been really, really helpful.All the features that it has, push notifications, SMS notifications, email notifications are all really vital factors since some people coming to the website only answer their phone number or only answer their email or only answer certain information, and the Consistent Cart is able to target all the info that it is able to gather from these customers visiting my site.And I would say that it helped tremendously and it's definitely an app that I recommend to everyone and I would use it through all the stores that I create through Shopify. So definitely would like to say thank you to Consistent Cart and hopefully it helps me a lot more in the future. Thank you.

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