Story Transcript

Tristan: Hey guys thank you so much for actually making this happen. Its been an absolute pleasure using and Better Replay has been a an amazing alternative to Google Tags.

And I mean before I was struggling to actually know what was going on with my store and I was really trying to figure out who was clicking where, but then when I saw Better Replay it was just such a phenomenal experience to use.

I mean I could see everything that was happening on their screen exactly. Which is super super powerful in my opinion and I mean why wouldn't I, why wouldn't you want to use this app.

I mean its absolutely free and its just such a breeze to use and install on a website and again there is no cost to installing it and its just so great because before I said earlier I was struggling struggling to actually use this app.

Excuse me struggling to actually use my Shopify and tracker thing versus when I did install it it was just so helpful in terms of making my sales skyrocket in terms, or within a week of actually it so.

Again thank you guys so much for making this happen I really appreciate you guys and what you do, thanks.

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