Story Transcript

Vaishali: Hello everyone, this is Drew, and I just wanna share my experience with using this app, Consistent Cart by CartKit and I just wanted to let you know that before I was using this app, I was making, I would say just barely breaking even and I was trying to figure out, hey, what's working best for me in terms of ads? I was just trying to maneuver my ads to see the best results and even though I was getting a lot of traffic to my website, I still couldn't get enough sales.

People were checking out and then they would just leave.

What I realized was there wasn't sometimes the first impression that people get from your store, that they would purchase something or they would make decision on, so you would have to follow up with them and you would have to let them know that, hey, they left their items in the cart.

'Cause like, they're busy. They might be driving when they saw your ad or they might be at a store. They might be outside or they might be chilling at home and just so they don't wanna grab their credit card and fill out the information right away.

We were remind them and this app helped me really, really, by tracking those people and by bringing them extra sales, whatever was left on the table. If you're not using this app, I'll let you know right now, you're losing money on the table and don't do that and definitely recommend use this app.

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