Story Transcript

Victoria: Hi, my name is Victoria Sanders, I own a website called Verragio handmade. We are based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. I have downloaded this app onto my Shopify website to attempt to add gain a clear understanding of how our customers view our products, what they like to see, what they're interested in.

So we have a good idea of what's going to be like moving forward when we start advertising for our fall season and our holiday season. We wanna look and see, you know, what people want, and so we're super excited.

We went through and did like the test of the product, and it's really interesting how it shows you, you know, each page that the customer reviews and that's very important to us, we're 100% handmade products website. So each of our pages are different artists, so that's super cool.

We're really excited to see how it affects our revenue and how it can assist us in being successful in our future through our sales and our advertising. So we're super excited for the product and we plan to use it quite often in the future.

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