Story Transcript

Yassine: What's up guys? So I've been using Shopify for the past few weeks and I wasn't seeing any results. That was pretty amazing, because I mean, I watch a lot of videos on YouTube explaining how to do Shopify.

It seems really easy, but I was getting a lot of traffic on my website, but the problem is I was getting a lot of traffic and I couldn't understand what was actually the reason why I wasn't making any sales. So I was trying to make some research to understand how can I improve my website.

And then I found the apps called Better Replay. So the first time I installed Better Replay, I was pretty skeptical about it. I wasn't sure that it was gonna work, but when I installed it, the next day I started receiving some emails from the app.

So whenever I check, I found out that there was some videos that was already installed. There was some videos that I will have to go and check. So when I want them to see those videos, I could track everything customers do on my website.

So whenever a customer gets to my website, the Better Replay apps starts recording everything the customer is doing on your website. So whenever you come later and check the video, you will know how the customer was reacting on your website.

That can help you to figure out if the website is really bad presenting. If your price are really high, you can try to understand all that and you'll probably succeed. So I've been using it. It helped me to improve a lot of stuff.

At first, my website was really bad because whenever the customer was getting on my website, they was leaving right away. But now I fixed it.

And it also shows me that my price was really high because the customer was usually staying on the price page, observing for a little while and then leave the website. So I can see that since I start using Better Replay, my website and my results really, really improved.

So I recommend everyone to use it.

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