Story Transcript

Zac: What's up everybody, my name is Zac Hartley, I'm from Calgary Alberta and I run a Shopify website where I sell pet products.

I sell toys, collars, leashes, just about everything you could imagine, and I sell it on a website and I been trying to increase my conversion rate, for about six months now, and I finally came across Better Replay and it has completely changed the game.

When I first implemented it, first of all it was quick and easy to install, it was easy to use and it was easy just to do what I needed it to do, which was a great thing.

And then when I started to implement it, and I started to watch the screen recordings of people, actually, on my website, that's when I realized, holy cow, this is an, actually, really powerful tool.

So, I started using it and the first thing I realized was that I had a huge number of people that just couldn't figure out how to choose the different variants of my product.

They just couldn't figure out the sizing, and the pricing and how it all worked, and, so, I was able to fix that using, or I was able to realize there was a problem, by using Better Replay, and then I fixed that right away and it drastically helped me increase my conversion rate.

After that, I kept watching and then I kept studying it and I realized that people would go from one product to another.

And, so, I used that information and I figured out what product they would go to most often, using these replays, and then I would recommend those products to people that didn't go to that product.

So, if somebody, or if a group of people usually buys a dog bed, and then they buy this toy, I would recommend that toy to the next group of people.

And, so, I use Better Replay to one, improve my conversion rate, figure out what was happening on my website and increase sales and it worked out absolutely fantastic. So, I'm pretty happy with the service.

I would definitely recommend using it to anybody else and if there's anything else let me know, but it's definitely the great service and I wouldn't run a Shopify store without it. So, that's my two cents, thanks.

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