Story Transcript

Zach: Hi, my name is Zach, and I'm the owner of Purple Cow Apparel, an online clothing store that specializes in bakery clothing and baking clothes for all bakers and cake enthusiasts alike.

And with CartKit, I actually had the opportunity to really understand what my customer was taking deliverable and specific actions on my page, and it was really, really not only impressive, but extremely helpful for the future of our business and our growth, to understand where to focus our efforts, where to refine the page, and where to really, really understand the customer's actions taken on each and every site.

So, I really thank CartKit for everything that they've done, and it's been tremendously helpful for our business, and we're just very, very, very thankful for them throughout this entire process, that they really took the time to dive deep into our analytics and the insights taken on our page.

Truly an exceptional company and great, great customer service. Thank you guys a lot, I appreciate it.

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