Story Transcript

Zee: Hi, my name is Zee, and I am from Australia. I have had the Better Replay app for about three weeks now. And I love every part of it. I downloaded the app to track my website visitors and just to basically see what they're looking at and how they're navigating through my website.

And I have been able to do that. Everyday, I just sit down and look at my dashboard which tells me who has visited my website, where they came from, and how long they have been on my website for. It also gives you tags if someone adds to cart, for example, but didn't check out.

Then they'll be tagged as "Add to cart" which is amazing because I get to see the traffic flow basically and who has added to cart, who just surfed the website, and who actually placed an order. It also tells you who placed an order, so... The best thing about this app is that it's free as well.

You have a monthly quota which for some reason, mine has just shot through the roof. I swear I started out with a thousand, and now it's like 10,000. So the amazing people at Better Replay have increased my quota which I'm so very thankful for. And I will keep using this app.

It's a five stars for me for sure.

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