Story Transcript

Zhi: Hey my name is Mark. I'm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This summer is one of the weirdest summers so I started using shopify stores, and then Sales Pop was recommended to me by a friend. So before Sales Pop I had trouble getting orders.

There was a lot of add to carts But then Sales Pop allowed me to have the social proof So during Sales Pop I think, see my conversion rate went up to at least, it went from 1% to almost close to 3% and that's, 2% is like, I think that's the standard. And afterwards, there's not much afterwards.

My conversion stayed at 2%. It's consistent, consistent revenues. So yeah, I would definitely recommend this Sales Pop app to anyone, and there is also a free trial in the beginning if you are not comfortable paying at a monthly price.

So just try it for yourself, it's risk free, and I'm sure you'll get good results. Thank you.

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