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We're a small, fully remote team made up of highly passionate individuals. We spend our days solving hard problems and building solutions that make us proud.

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“I love the CartKit mentality. We work smart, pushing the team and our growth forward. Everybody is accountable and equally important to the company and our team.

JP | Product Lead

Our Story

CartKit was founded in November 2016 out of a basement in Oakland, CA. After several years of owning an e-commerce store himself, Jason Bapna realized that there exists a large gap for automated marketing tools in the e-commerce space. Running an e-commerce store was a challenge in and of itself. However, what became even more challenging, and rather frustrating, was noticing visitors shop the site only to later abandon their carts. Over time, Jason’s desire to efficiently engage with visitors and offer discounts or promotions heightened. After all, it was hard enough driving traffic to the store; converting visitors into paying customers shouldn’t be so taxing. 

This marked the inception of CartKit. We exist because we believe that e-commerce storeowners deserve to be equipped with tools that make it easy to build deeper connections with customers and drive sales. CartKit seeks to automate the time-consuming and tedious parts of running an online store, enabling storeowners to focus on other valuable activities such as building their brand, refining their product offerings, and pursuing strategic partnerships.

Our Mission

To develop technology that empowers businesses to drive sales, build deeper connections with customers, and multiply customer happiness

Our Values


We believe that simple is harder than complex. “You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” (Steve Jobs)

We work hard to understand the essence of the problems we are trying to solve in order to develop elegant solutions.


We believe in accepting responsibility, maintaining honesty in every interaction and decision, and continuously improving both personally and professionally.


We believe that everyone at CartKit has a fundamental role and responsibility in driving positive results for the business. We empower our team to take initiative and act as owners of their respective domains.

Meet The Team

Jason Bapna
Founder & CEO
Aleksander Wdowinski
Backend Lead
JP Casabianca
Product Lead
Judith Castro
Customer Support Lead
Duhamel Guerrero
Senior Frontend Engineer
Syed Nauman Ahmed
Quality Assurance
David Perez
Senior Frontend Engineer
Maria Campos
Hiring & HR
Nicolás González
Customer Success Analysts
Thomas Blain
Customer Success Analysts
Mariana Camacho
Customer Success Analysts
Muhammad Razi
Customer Support Analyst

Our Collaborators

Cartkit is a technology startup born in 2017 out of the desire to share the power of exceptional marketing tools with anyone wanting to take their projects to the ne

Sergio Villegas
Data Scientist
Website Expert
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Database Expert